Fresh Eyes

I’ve just put a friend who we’ve had staying here for the last few days on a plane to the next stop on her NZ holiday and I’m both happy and sad. Happy because Dawn was someone I worked with in UK, who I’d got along well with, but never really got to know and the last few days have been a great chance to change that. We’ve had plenty of laughs, some great chats and far too much food… although she showed far more restraint than I. Sad because there’s something holiday-ish about having someone to stay – even if it’s their holiday –  and once they’re gone, it’s back to normality (including doing my own dishes – ugh).

What is great about visitors is the chance to look at things through someone else’s eyes…  I find it pretty easy to see something every day and take it for granted, so when Dawn asked if the amazing scenery here still made us think, “Wow!”, I did have to think about it. But only for a second. How could this not be “Wow”?



E xx

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