Noise control

One of the many reasons I love Taranaki is how vibrant it is here – there’s pretty much always something going on.

Last weekend was no exception – WOMAD was on in the park across the road. Normally our proximity to such an amazing venue is great, but it was a bit of a challenge this time round, especially as we had other plans and no tickets, as well as a battle for our usual carpark and the noise, oh the noise! Sunday night sounded like they were playing on the front lawn.

Mostly the volume just served to make me wish we’d forked out for tickets – it sounded  AMAZING and there I was, tucked up in bed, while what sounded like every other person in the North Island was having a fabulous time… boo. So there’s nothing else for it – next time, we’ll go.

No doubt we’ll be joined by the kind of people who drive this – can’t work out why some write it off as a hippy-fest?!


E xx

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