Happiness is… a Girl Guide biscuit (or two)

Ok, so they don’t look exactly the same.

They don’t  taste exactly the same.

AND the new fancy logo is way harder to eat around than the old ones.

But still… Girl Guide biscuits are Girl Guide biscuits, and I finally found some to buy today. Yay!

For whatever reason, Guides and Brownies don’t come door-knocking to sell them anymore, so it’s a bit more of a mission to get hold of them than in the good old days. I just about tripped over a sign for them today, so it was obviously meant to be. Would have been rude not to.

My oh my, they taste good, so the next step is to get Kent to hide them from me, so they last longer than this weekend!


One thought on “Happiness is… a Girl Guide biscuit (or two)

  1. Yummmmm…. I miss girl guide bikkies! Girl Scout cookies over here are pretty yummy (what isn’t, if it’s covered in choc?)… but they’re just not the same (and there’s no logo to eat around!).

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