Here comes the bride…

I know I don’t know either of them. I don’t even think I know anyone who does. Not that I’ll let either of those facts stop me becoming feverishly excited about the Royal Wedding.

I’ve read a few theories about this phenomenon – most seem to think it’s something to do with Kate being ‘normal’ (well, as normal as you can be when your parents are millionaires) but becoming a Princess. Yup, that’s definitely it. Surely even the most unromantic girl can admit to harbouring a fantasy of being impossibly loaded, fashionably attired, waited on hand and foot and adored by her Prince? AND LIVING IN A CASTLE?!!! It can’t just be me, can it?

I’m no royalist or gossip magazine addict, but I am desperately hoping William and Kate last. They seem quite keen on each other… the way they look at each other seems pretty real, doesn’t it? And my oh my, Kate is going to make one gorgeous bride. I will SO be up in the middle of the night living vicariously through her, much to Kent’s eye-rolling amusement.

Royalty aside, it’s just lovely to see people ending up happy. With each other. Kinda the best thing about being a wedding photographer.

E xx


I was convinced that as I got more grown-up, the things that upset me would become fewer and it would take more and more to make me sad… I was wrong. In fact, I had things completely upside down. Is it that there is more tragedy around? Probably not. Maybe instead I’m growing more compassionate. Although to be honest, I would happily stop at my current level otherwise I will need shares in a tissue company. Seriously.

It’s ANZAC Day. My growing empathy now means I now can’t hear the Last Post without welling up and that never used to happen.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m definitely more moved since travelling – it could be walking the same paths as our long-passed soldiers, seeing the graves on the Western Front and realising most of them belong to men younger than me makes it more real than just reading words on a page.

Or it could be that the enormity of what some people gave up for their countries is just too big for words. My words, certainly.

This is supposed to be blog about photography and the nonsense that makes me tick, but some things are so much bigger than my frivolousness.

We will remember them.


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Things that are awesome

Just a random selection of things that I’m loving at the moment.

Birthday week – This Thursday (same day as the Queen’s actual birthday, still no invite to share cake, despite all we have in common) marks the end of my 20s, yet still I’m excited – what’s that all about? Pretty sure I was supposed to be dreading being 30, but I’m looking forward to it the same way I do Christmas… thankfully I’ve long since reconciled myself with never again being asked for ID, so let the cards and expensive gifts start rolling in.

To My Wife – it’s a tumblr blog written by a single guy with a load of thoughts about his future (as-yet-unmet) wife and their relationship, some are funny, some are touching, and the whole concept is a bit swoon-inducing. It’s so, so good. If you need further convincing, there’s only a sentence or two a day, so it doesn’t take very long and will make you smile.

Feijoas – Yum.

Gossip Girl – yes, I’m about twice the age of most of the show’s fans, but I just can’t resist a show full of gorgeous, rich people, locations and things… and I’m a sucker for teens who speak like grown-ups. But only on the telly (well, On Demand, really).

E xx

Buenos Aires – January 2011

Better late than never, right? We had a few days either side of Denise & Patrick’s wedding to have a quick look around Argentina – although it’s a huge country and we barely scratched the surface. First stop was Buenos Aires for four days…

It was hot. Ok, hot’s not entirely right – it was only about mid-20s, but it was MUGGY… and different. And a great way to start 2011. We left Auckland at 3pm on New Years’ Eve and arrived in Buenos Aires at lunchtime the same day… thanks International Dateline for making sure we didn’t miss the celebrations! Despite being a bit tired we wandered down to Puerto Madero to watch the fireworks.

New Years’ Day saw most things closed (handy for a guilt-free jetlagged sleep-in) but also marked the ceremonial start to the Dakar Rally (it’s WAY too dangerous to hold it anywhere near Senegal anymore, so they moved it to South America a few years back) which saw Kent in his element. Even more so because it was free!

Next day we walked to La Boca, home of Boca Juniors football club and a hotbed of tourist muggings, according to the Lonely Planet, so after a bit of consultation with our hotel concierge (who was super-helpful and lovely, as well as easy on the eye! If you’re BA-bound, check out Hotel Babel in San Telmo) we stuck to certain streets, although we did still attract a lot of stares… I always appreciate Kent’s height and general ‘don’t mug me’ aura, but today I was especially grateful! Diego Maradonna played for Boca Jrs, so did Carlos Tevez (the only players on the long list that I’ve actually heard of… pretty sure there are other famous ones) but we were too cheap to fork out for the tour, so these were our views of the stadium:

From there we walked back to San Telmo for the Defensa market – it stretches the whole length of one of the major streets and has all sorts of gems, so we wandered and looked and ate and looked and ate… it was hot and busy and wonderful and went till quite late.

We also made it to La Recoleta cemetary, final resting place of Eva Peron (Evita)… it was a proper mausoleum-style cemetary, huge, but very peaceful- despite being still being in the city.

Kent finally gave in to me and we answered the call of one of the foods Argentina is famous for – ice cream. It didn’t last long… and was INcredible. Best ever, even.

Our final morning saw a quick dash to grab photos of the colourful La Camanito:

The city is many things: colourful; busy – even during the holidays; loud; full of European looking architecture; like most major cities, home to a variety of new and not always nice smells; old; new. Beautiful.

E xx

Denise + Patrick – Argentina Wedding Photographer

They met 13 years ago on a Rotary Exchange in New Zealand: Patrick from Germany attending high school in Canterbury and Denise from Argentina in Queenstown.

Halfway through the year, the exchangees met up for a trip and clearly Denise made an impression – Patrick’s host mother tells of how he kept talking about ‘this girl from Argentina‘ after that. They stayed in touch and met up on a 10-year reunion trip to New Zealand in 2008. Sparks flew, interrupted only by a fatherly warning from Denise’s host father that Patrick had better not break her heart – there are extra parentsĀ  to worry about you after an Exchange! Shortly after returning to Argentina, Denise moved continents to be with Patrick, swiftly learning German – her fourth language, no less – and the two of them bought a house, then made the huge move to Africa for Patrick’s work. While their love started slowly, it’s truly become a whirlwind international affair.

Fittingly, Denise & Patrick were married in her hometown of Bariloche, on the most perfect day, with brilliant sunshine and the joy of family and friends from around the globe. The cermony was a beautiful combination of their countries’ traditions, with the ceremony in Spanish, German and a little English, held in the same church where Denise was christened. From there it was a scenic drive to the reception at a gorgeous ranch, El Mangrullo. Basically in Argentina, receptions = non-stop dancing. In the middle of the day the speakers were outside, there was dancing on the lawn, inside and pretty much anywhere else! Patrick’s dancing lessons consisted of Denise putting some music on in their lounge and telling him, “Now, you dance!”

Denise & Patrick, it was an honour to document your amazing, fun-filled wedding and I hope that your tomorrow is even brighter than today.

E xx

For more images from Denise & Patrick’s Bariloche wedding click here or here