Denise + Patrick – Argentina Wedding Photographer

They met 13 years ago on a Rotary Exchange in New Zealand: Patrick from Germany attending high school in Canterbury and Denise from Argentina in Queenstown.

Halfway through the year, the exchangees met up for a trip and clearly Denise made an impression – Patrick’s host mother tells of how he kept talking about ‘this girl from Argentina‘ after that. They stayed in touch and met up on a 10-year reunion trip to New Zealand in 2008. Sparks flew, interrupted only by a fatherly warning from Denise’s host father that Patrick had better not break her heart – there are extra parents  to worry about you after an Exchange! Shortly after returning to Argentina, Denise moved continents to be with Patrick, swiftly learning German – her fourth language, no less – and the two of them bought a house, then made the huge move to Africa for Patrick’s work. While their love started slowly, it’s truly become a whirlwind international affair.

Fittingly, Denise & Patrick were married in her hometown of Bariloche, on the most perfect day, with brilliant sunshine and the joy of family and friends from around the globe. The cermony was a beautiful combination of their countries’ traditions, with the ceremony in Spanish, German and a little English, held in the same church where Denise was christened. From there it was a scenic drive to the reception at a gorgeous ranch, El Mangrullo. Basically in Argentina, receptions = non-stop dancing. In the middle of the day the speakers were outside, there was dancing on the lawn, inside and pretty much anywhere else! Patrick’s dancing lessons consisted of Denise putting some music on in their lounge and telling him, “Now, you dance!”

Denise & Patrick, it was an honour to document your amazing, fun-filled wedding and I hope that your tomorrow is even brighter than today.

E xx

For more images from Denise & Patrick’s Bariloche wedding click here or here

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