Things that are awesome

Just a random selection of things that I’m loving at the moment.

Birthday week – This Thursday (same day as the Queen’s actual birthday, still no invite to share cake, despite all we have in common) marks the end of my 20s, yet still I’m excited – what’s that all about? Pretty sure I was supposed to be dreading being 30, but I’m looking forward to it the same way I do Christmas… thankfully I’ve long since reconciled myself with never again being asked for ID, so let the cards and expensive gifts start rolling in.

To My Wife – it’s a tumblr blog written by a single guy with a load of thoughts about his future (as-yet-unmet) wife and their relationship, some are funny, some are touching, and the whole concept is a bit swoon-inducing. It’s so, so good. If you need further convincing, there’s only a sentence or two a day, so it doesn’t take very long and will make you smile.

Feijoas – Yum.

Gossip Girl – yes, I’m about twice the age of most of the show’s fans, but I just can’t resist a show full of gorgeous, rich people, locations and things… and I’m a sucker for teens who speak like grown-ups. But only on the telly (well, On Demand, really).

E xx

2 thoughts on “Things that are awesome

  1. Hey Birthday Girl on Thursday – love all your blogs – let’s hope we don’t forget its your special day – ah but how could we???

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