Dear Motivation, are you there?

Not only have I been a slack blogger, I have been a slack exerciser.

I could blame it on it getting colder and the weather being unreliable, but the cold hard fact is that I have been lazy. In fact, it should be Lazy, with a capital ‘L’. I have completely succumbed to procrastination and my running regime has come seriously a-cropper. In other news, I just used the term ‘a-cropper’… what is that all about?

Rather than being strapped to my feet, this is where my trainers have been recently:

In a box. Not the box they came in, but a box I packed them in when we moved house. Weeks ago. I even had to go looking for them to take this. Disappointed in myself doesn’t  even begin to cover it.

Part of the problem, or perhaps all of it, is that I’m pretty much the queen of making excuses as to why I can’t go for a run; “it’s too hot/cold”, “it’s too windy”, “I’m too tired”, “I just washed my hair”…

No, really, I did actually say that last one and while I wish I wasn’t the kind of girl who says high-maintenance stuff like that, my hair is a bit temperamental and on the days it does what it’s told it seems like I’m tempting fate, laughing at the forces of frizz, which is probably an even worse idea than not going for a run. And when I say run, at this point it will be miraculous if I even put the trainers on, so let’s call it a walk.

Cunningly, typing this has put it off for another 5 minutes. See what I mean? But this time, I really am out the door.

E xx

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