Amy + Thomas: Christchurch Lifestyle Photographer

There’s something about the way Thomas looks at Amy… something that really squeezes my heart, so I can only imagine how it makes Amy feel. Actually, that’s not entirely true – you can see how it makes Amy feel written all over her face when she looks back at him – there’s something REAL here.

I’ve known Thomas for a few years now and never have I seen him as happy as he is with Amy. They met at Uni in Canterbury – he studying planet-saving techniques with an Environmental Science degree and she on exchange from the University of Connecticut for a degree in Psychology – and have been joined, if not at the hip, then definitely by the heartstrings ever since. Their mutual adoration is almost tangible and their happiness is contagious.

Thomas & Amy – you’re a joy to spend time with and I can’t wait to see you both again soon!

E xx

Thomas doesn’t really do sitting still… so he entertained us with tree-climbing and a bit of handstanding:

What girl doesn’t want to be looked at like this?

Amy very shyly informed me before we traipsed up into the Port Hills that she isn’t very photogenic… are you kidding me?!! Amy – You. Are. Gorgeous.

For more photos of the gorgeous Amy & Thomas, head over to my Facebook page.

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