The Art of Silly Faces: Taranaki Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been trying to try new things of late, so when St John Bosco School contacted me, wanting some images for a school cookbook, I was keen. And nervous as all get out… not about the food (being more than a little familiar with that!), but the children were another matter entirely – and you know what they say about working with children and animals.

I’ve never taken photos of large groups of children before and the first couple were a bit tricky – as a non-parent I didn’t quite have a handle on just how much they wriggle and move about! A couple of kids wriggling I can work with, but a whole class? Eek…

Until I worked out that I could BRIBE them… Before you judge me, I didn’t tell them I was bribing them, so surely that’s allowed? My system went something like this: “Who’s got a silly face they want to pull? You all do? Well okay, but so we don’t get in too much trouble with Ms/Mrs/Mr Teacher, I’ll take a silly photo at the end, but first I need you to sit really, really still and show me your nicest smile…” Pretty sure it’s not the greatest breakthrough in photography, but it’s not a tip I’ve read before and panic meant I worked it out for myself! Once I had that in the bag, the class and school photos were a cinch.

As for the food… om nom nom:

To the lovely Sarah and Victoria who showed me around and made sure everyone was ready and smiling, thanks for getting in touch. I had a blast and I look forward to seeing the finished product soon!

E xx

One thought on “The Art of Silly Faces: Taranaki Lifestyle Photographer

  1. Thanks all the photos looked amazing. We are so pleased with them. You really did an amazing job and were so natural with the kids. They loved you and I hear you had quite a fan club following you around the playground. The ‘Family Favourites’ SJB recipe book will be on sale in another 3 weeks – can’t wait. Many thanks Sarah Devine, St John Bosco Fundraising Group

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