Being (sort of) brave.

I’m not a big fan of asking for things… when friends come for dinner and ask what they should bring, the answer is always, just your sense of humour. When colleagues ask if I need a hand with something, even if I probably do, I will always say, no thanks, I don’t want to hold you up. I’ll just hide behind being raised with too many manners and leave the psychoanalysis for another day.

Considering this, last week I did something that was a Big Deal. I’ve been gazing over the fence at this amazing lemon tree on our neighbours’ place and dreaming about the yummy things I could make with the fruit. I’ve toyed with various ways of making the little yellow parcels of tangy deliciousness my own, but short of resorting to theft, it seemed the only way was to simply ASK.

Oh, the horror!

I should add that the neighbours are nice people and my scaredy-cat-ness is likely completely irrational, so when I finally got up the nerve – along with a nice box of eggs from the chickens – to go and ask nicely if they would mind sharing some… they said yes. I am quite possibly the only person this was a surprise to, but still…

Irrational politeness and fear of asking for anything: 0
Eryn: 1

E xx

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