Shhh… Secret Seafood

It seems to me that if you know of a place that is good for collecting seafood, you don’t tell anyone else, lest they sneak in and plunder all your salty treats.

So when Kent decided to impress a friend of ours who is visiting from California by taking her to gather paua, I wasn’t really expecting them to return with anything other than empty hands and maybe a little sunburn, as none of us had any idea where the good spots were… I’ll even admit there was an incy, wincy, teeny, weeny part of me hoping there would be nothing to be found (that’s awful, right? I’m not much of a seafood fan, I’m afraid – yeah, I know I should be; I’ve tried to fall in love with the fruits of the sea and I guess it just wasn’t meant to be).

However the hunters (or should that be gatherers?) returned triumphant! Not only did they nab a dinners’ worth of mussels, but four paua also found their way to our kitchen… and will no doubt be making an appearance for dinner soon.

Tonight it was the mussels’ turn on the table:

Even I wanted to eat them! Bon appetit!

E xx

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