Geeking out.

I am a bit of a geek… perhaps caused by the very cool (and by cool, I mean ‘so-uncool-I-almost-can’t-handle-it’) pink glasses I started wearing from age nine? Or too much watching the news and reading books? Anyway, it turns out there’s  geeky and then there’s  g e e k y.

I discovered this at Armageddon recently. I have to confess that going was motivated mostly by a love of The Big Bang Theory and this expo is the sort of thing the characters like to go to… while it didn’t turn me into an uber-smart potential Nobel recipient, it was FUN.

The fun didn’t come from the games on display, or the toys, or the activities – it came from the fanboys (and girls) who went all out:

I was a bit shy about asking to take some of these (largely because I was a bit clueless about who some of them were dressed up as and too afraid to ask, lest they realise I was only masquerading as a fellow geek), but I’m pretty sure they wanted to be noticed!

If you posed for me, thanks – you looked amazing!

E xx

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