Grins, Giggles and Hot Sand: Christchurch Lifestyle Photographer

If families are all about getting on, giggling, loving each other’s company and each other, then you’d have to go far to find a family that fits the description more than Angus, Janet and their children, Isabel and Calum – the time they spend together is full of laughing, hugs, kisses and the odd squeal when the sand is just too hot (more about that shortly).

I met up with the four of them near New Brighton Beach in Christchurch on a gorgeous day that felt like it was about a thousand degrees… okay, okay, I exaggerate – it may have only been a couple of hundred. The sand dunes were all sorts of hot too… poor Isabel begged to be let down and even in the shade her wee feet lasted less than a second before it was a squeal to Mum for rescue. Never have I been so grateful to be wearing cowgirl boots on a hot day!

Calum will invariably have the ladies wrapped around his wee finger in the not too distant future:

Assuming he’s not trying to escape their attentions:

… and Isabel is just charming – old enough to be a bit shy, but young enough to be distracted from it with silly jokes and faces:

Angus & Janet – thanks for having me to hang out with your beautiful family, I loved seeing the four of you together… next time we’ll aim for somewhere a little cooler underfoot!


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