Nadene + Mark: Taranaki Wedding Photographer

It’s a storybook romance that started via that other book – Facebook! Mark saw a facebook photo of one of his friends with Nadene and liked what he saw (who wouldn’t?!), so he added her as a friend and they talked. Sometimes on facebook, other times on the phone, while Mark was away working. Days turned to weeks and after a month of getting to know each other, they finally met for their first date. Needless to say, sparks flew and each of them knew this was IT.

Nadene and Mark opted to break with tradition and both got ready for their New Year’s Eve wedding at their beautifully renovated villa, albeit at separate ends. Mark spent his time pacing – partly with nerves about the ceremony, but also because when they’re in the same vicinity, these two have an almost tangible need to be together – it’s just so sweet to watch. Nadene on the other hand was incredibly relaxed, calm in the knowledge that she was just about to marry her best friend.

Yet again, Taranaki turned on a rainy start to a wedding day, but, as forecasted, it cleared about 30 seconds before Nadene walked outside to greet Mark for their First Look. [If you’re a bride and thinking about whether or not to see each other before the ceremony, I definitely recommend this – it’s especially great if one or both of you is super-nervous as it will just be the two of you, being yourselves without the pressure of your loved ones looking on… Walking up the aisle will still be incredible, I promise!]

We collected the rest of the bridal party and grabbed a few more in town:

Then it was off to East End Surf Club for their heartfelt ceremony surrounded by their family, friends and the blazing hot sun. I love it when there are a few chuckles in a ceremony – while starting your marriage is a serious undertaking, if you’re a couple who laugh, it’s only right that your ceremony reflects who you are – and this one truly did.

Nadene and Mark wanted all their guests to be relaxed and just enjoy themselves – East End was the perfect venue for it; the beach, huge skies, the sun shining, the deck, the company – it all combined for a wonderful celebration of their love… and the start of 2012.

The speeches were incredibly touching, with Nadene’s father recalling her telling him that “she’s never felt so loved”. Swoon. Nadene’s son also wrote a moving speech about her and Mark, which left very few dry eyes.

Then it was time for dancing and fireworks at midnight!

Nadene and Mark – thank you for welcoming us into your wedding day. You, your friends and family welcomed us like guests and we had such a wonderful time! It was an absolute delight to share in and capture your love.

E xx

For more from Nadene & Mark’s East End Surf Club Wedding, visit my facebook page here or view more work here.


Hair – Kate Rongonui

Makeup –Kim Jordan

Flowers – Nicci Goodin Designer Florist

Dress – CC Ward

Celebrant – Sharren Read

Venue – East End Surf Club

Band – Check One Two – who are AMAZING!

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