Two Weeks

Sometimes it takes someone to say something you don’t want to hear to make things happen.

I was watching a photography seminar online delivered by an amazing tutor last week, when the topic of blogs came up… needless to say, her advice wasn’t, “just blog whenever and hey, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, just put it off till tomorrow”. The main message was that if she ever visits a photographer’s blog and there hasn’t been a post for four or five months, she assumes they aren’t working and aren’t really interested. Not surprisingly, that was the something I didn’t want to hear.

I say the exact same thing when I stumble across a blog that’s been neglected, yet somehow I’ve managed to fall into the trap of neglecting my own blog. This is the bit where I say, “but that’s not the case with me. Honest.” Scoff away,  but as an explanation is called for, how’s this one?

In case an explanation is needed, that’s my tummy, with an almost ready-to-go human in it. I haven’t mentioned the baby on here before now, for a couple of reasons:

1. I was SO sick for the first six months that I wasn’t excited about being pregnant like I wanted to be… I so desperately wanted to be one of the women who say things like “I love being pregnant, I’ve never felt so beautiful and feminine, etc”. I’m not and that was a huge disappointment.

If I’m completely honest, the sickness was one thing, but getting my head around becoming so feeble was entirely another. This isn’t a pity party because, thankfully, I came right just before we went to the UK for a holiday for a month and while I have the usual complaints (like, what happened to my ankles – will they ever return?), they’re so much easier to deal with than feeling dreadful all the time, that I feel like a completely different person. It’s amazing and now I have the energy to get excited. Like, super excited.

2. As soon as people know you’re pregnant, it tends to dominate the conversation. Usually because they’re so enthusiastic too, which is lovely and flattering and maybe even addictive… BUT, despite having my name on it, this blog isn’t really all about me – it’s about you – a beautiful bride, your fabulous wedding and the people you love. So, if you’re now thinking, “oh no, there’s no way I can book or enquire because you’re about to have a baby!”, please stop. I’ll be checking my emails every day until he or she arrives and Kent will look after things afterwards until I get to grips with learning how to be someone’s Mummy.

For the record: Yes, this is our first // I don’t yet know what flavour it is // I’m due at the end of this month… though I expect the baby will arrive whenever the mood takes it! // Yes, we are still shooting weddings this coming season (thank goodness for grandparents!) You may just want to check my shoulders for the tell tale ‘baby-badge’!

E xx

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