Laura + Trent: Taranaki Lifestyle Photographer

If you’ve ever thought that people falling in love at the gym is a myth, this one’s for you. Because the gym is exactly where it all started for Laura & Trent… though somehow I can only imagine the pair of them working out in an entirely glamorous manner, no puffy red faces in sight!

Laura noticed Trent. She came over all nervous if he happened to be working out at the same time as her. Which was a lot, because while she was noticing him, Trent was noticing Laura too… though as two ridiculously good looking people, it’s not hard to work out why.  Trent proposed earlier this year in that understated, calm way he has, and of course Laura said yes! They’ll promise their lives to each other later this year and are both so excited about their big day.

We had so much fun on their engagement session on the gorgeous Coastal Walkway – I’m always amazed that there’s somewhere new to see, no matter how many times you’re on there! The day was pure perfection – the sun was blazing and you’d never know it was July, check out the short sleeves!

Laura & Trent – thanks for inviting me along to document this special time, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world as you start this new chapter in your lives together. E xx

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