Nadine + Damian: Taranaki Wedding Photographer

“When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love, true love” – Robert Fulghum

A hippy and a cowboy. Not your everyday pairing, but then, the Wellington Sevens is hardly your everyday event! Their meeting through friends turned out to be fitting start for a couple who are far from ordinary – not surprisingly, their wedding was anything but ordinary!

Those who know them would agree that Nadine and Damian have such a strong connection – it’s evident in the way she looks at him, the way he pays attention to her… they’re the kind of people you meet and think, ‘yup, they’re meant for each other’. Lovely.

Nadine and Damian opted to keep their marriage quiet – so quiet, that the only guest who knew he was attending a wedding was Doug, Nadine’s step-father – Best. Secretkeeper. Ever.
In the months leading up to their wedding, Nadine and Damian planned from the couch, arranging everything, even outfits for the Mother of the Bride, Grandma and Damian’s baby nephew… Nadine had it all under control without breathing a word! They timed it to coincide with a family holiday at a beautiful coastal Taranaki holiday home, just perfect for them and their nine (completely oblivious) wedding guests.

Nadine was a radiant bride and even if she’d wanted to, there was no hiding that gorgeous smile for the whole day… and who could blame her? She was walking towards a life spent with her best friend. Damian was quiet, but oh-so-proud waiting for his almost-wife on the deck. The sun shone as they spoke heartfelt vows  and promised each other their lives.

Their rings were amazing – the pattern is cast from the fingerprints of each other’s ring finger… so different and just perfect:

That’s right, those are wellingtons especially to wear to your wedding – or Weddingtons! They were the first wedding-related thing Nadine bought and the subject of many conversations! 

Nadine and Damian – we had such a lovely time at your wedding and we’re honoured to have captured your love. We wish you a lifetime of smiles and happiness (and weirdness, if you like!).

E  xx

Nadine’s Co-conspirators:

Celebrant: Lyndsay Loveridge

Dress: Sophie Voon

Bouquet: Nicci Goodin Designer Florist

Catering: Andrew Fage

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