Nichola + Ian: Taranaki Lifestyle Photographer

When Ian proposed to Nic, he wasn’t really himself. In fact, he was a Christmas Pudding! Nic herself was a Christmas Elf… and while it wasn’t exactly what Ian had planned for the big question, it was perfect and perfectly them.

The proposal plan started long before that, when Ian acquired the stone from Nic’s late mother’s ring and had it made into a beautiful new ring just for her… he consulted with her brother and made sure everything was organised. The plan was to pop the question on an overseas trip, but a brand new job changed their travel plans. Undeterred, he booked a romantic dinner out at a swanky restaurant, not realising it was the same night as Nic’s work Christmas party and she was adamant that they had to go. In the meantime, she’d started making noises about the ring and doing something with the stone… cue a slightly panicky almost-fiancee! And so it was, just before they left the house for the Christmas party, he got down on one knee and just asked.

We met up at one of my favourite haunts, the Snug Lounge, and went for a short wander to capture Nic & Ian being themselves (no elves or yuletide desserts in sight!) just a few days before their beautiful wedding… they’re so much fun and so sweet together.

Nic & Ian – how gorgeous are the pair of you? Seriously.

Images from their fabulous wedding on the way soon.

In the meantime, have a nosey at more of my work here or swing past my website here.

E xx

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