Joelle + Glenn: Taranaki Engagement Photographer

Joelle had been in hospital for m o n t h s… it stretched out for ages and Glenn poured himself into helping her back to health, visiting her at both ends of his long workday – because, well, she was alive and he loved her.

After she started the long road to recovery, Glenn (ably assisted by his Mum) arranged a special night away in Sydney for Joelle’s birthday, complete with an amazing hotel suite with views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and a night out at the ballet. Opting for a different approach, he wrote his proposal out in a letter – how he felt about her, how relieved he was that she made it and how he’d quite like to spend the rest of their days together, making each other laugh, making each other happy. After all that effort, how could Joelle respond with anything but… throwing the letter on the ground and ignoring it completely while she opened her birthday presents? Seriously, that’s actually what happened! While they retell their engagement story to me, both of them are laughing… as they’re engaged, you’ve probably joined the dots – she said YES, of course!

Joelle and Glenn are very cool, so what on earth led them to me, I have no idea, but I’m SO grateful they found me because just being around them is wonderful (and maybe a teeny bit of their cool will rub off on me?!). They’re both down to earth, genuine and completely adoring of each other – it’s obvious, even when they’re not cracking each other up or being cute together, that this is it. Cue happy sigh.

They’re also very chilled out, which was just as well, as we met up for their engagement session a few days before their wedding on a very rainy day… but with the help of a trusty umbrella and a start at the fabulous Good Home, they nailed it – complete pros in front of the camera and just buckets of FUN to be around.

More from Joelle & Glenn – their awesome wedding was heartfelt and, not surprisingly, fun – coming soon!

E xx


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