Kate + Ross: Taranaki Engagement Photographer

It all started when Ross’s little sister fell in love with Kate’s family. They’re pretty awesome, so it’s not hard to see why she wanted in. Kate’s mum helpfully asked if Mary might have a brother for her Kate? And while technically she did, she described big brother Ross the same way any little sister would:

“Nah, he’s a bit of a…” I’m pretty sure you can guess the rest!

A year later, Mary was off overseas and her leaving party featured a bit of Ross-Kate matchmaking – not that Kate was having a bar of it, going out of her way to ignore Ross and rebuffing his three, yes, THREE, attempts to get her phone number. Lucky for him (and her) Facebook worked its magic and now they’re about get married!

It’s clear Kate and Ross are meant for each other, taking the mickey and cracking up with laughter one minute and sharing meaningful looks and sweet words the next. They’re just so comfortable with each other and have the best time together – they’re the kind of people you want to spend ages in the company of; their happiness is infectious.

We wandered around Kate’s parents’ place (and a few of their neighbours’) for their engagement shoot, chatting while they rocked the posing – such naturals in front of the camera!









Kate_Ross-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer-9 I can’t wait to hang out with them again as they start the next part of their adventure together… only a few sleeps to go!

E xx

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