Sade + Blair: Taranaki Engagement Photographer

“I’ve bought another gun.”
Not the most romantic proposal, but that wasn’t really the proposal at all. You see, Sade had been waiting. And waiting. And waaaaaaiiiiiitng for Blair to propose, but there were boats and hunting gear and fishing rods to buy and, after thirteen years together, it’s fair to say Sade was very good at being patient.

When she spotted some money missing from their account and questioned Blair, he explained about the gun, eyes were rolled, brows were furrowed and he very sensibly offered to take her out for a fancy dinner to smooth the waters… or so it seemed. But it was all part of Blair’s plan to make it official and during their romantic meal at the Nice Hotel, he popped the question, she accepted (and all was forgiven… obviously)!

Sade and Blair came to me quite close to their wedding and I was stoked to be free on their date, we even managed to fit in a quick, colourful engagement shoot before their big day:

Sade+Blair-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer (1)

Sade+Blair-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer (4)

Sade+Blair-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer (3)

Sade+Blair-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer (2)

Sade+Blair-TaranakiWeddingPhotographer (5)

I had such a great time with these two – they’re lovely, genuine people who love laughter and each other and will be so happy together. Stay tuned for images from their beautiful South Taranaki wedding…

E xx

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