The Finished Product: Taranaki Wedding Photographer

I finally had time to sit down and create a beautiful Queensberry sample album for brides and grooms to play with… featuring the heartstoppingly gorgeous wedding of Lacey & Scott. There’s something about being able to feel the leather cover, turn the pages and relive such an amazing day,  that brings home just why everyone needs a Queensberry album of their wedding day at their place. I’ve put albums together before, but as much as I fall in love with them, they have to go and live at the couple’s house and I don’t get to give them the admiration they deserve – until now!

A few couples have already seen it and they have, without exception, oooh-ed and aaah-ed over its loveliness, so I thought I’d share a peek on here too… how incredible would your wedding images look displayed in one of these Queensberry beauties?!

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-1

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-10

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-2

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-5

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-3

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-4

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-7

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-6

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-8

QueensberrySample-Taranaki Wedding Photographer-9

Queensberry 14x10H Overlay Matted album.
Cover: Micro Leather – Vanilla Bean
Pages: Ivory mats & core

There are sooo many choices for covers, materials, styles and sizes that it almost makes my head spin, so if you’d like to have a chat about how you can look at your wedding images over and over (and over) again in the most beautiful way, let’s get together and I can walk you through it – you’ll fall in love, I promise!

E xx

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