Hi – thanks for visiting! There’s a good chance you’ve arrived here from my website…so you already know all about me, but if you just can’t get enough – here’s some more… in the words of one of my very good friends, Lucy,  because, actually, it’s REALLY hard to write about myself!

Eryn has the rare gift of empathy, she offers logical solutions in trying circumstances and always remains amazingly calm.
She’s wonderful with people and has an easy manner that instantly draws you in. She calls it how she sees it – you can trust her to tell you the truth tactfully while offering solutions that actually work.
She is smart, not in a use big words way although she knows many, but in a people sense. She reads situations and people exceptionally well, Eryn can communicate with a diverse range of people.
Gifted with an awesome sense of humour, a quick wit and lots to say Eryn manages to win people over easily. She is fun, organised and a dedicated friend, wife and daughter.
She’s the kind of person who never forgets a birthday, will bake cookies for you when you’re starting a new job or rescue you from a broken heart.
Eryn has a great laugh and you’ll hear it often while she works. She has an excellent eye for detail, a secret perfectionist who will work damn hard to achieve her goals.
She has flare and a sense of style that sets her apart from the rest. Her comfort in her own skin has a contagious quality, making the world seem so much brighter.

Eryn is golden goodness – reliable, sound and steady.

I should add that I’m  super-lucky to have amazing friends who say such lovely things… awww.

If you didn’t arrive here via my website – I’d love for you to check it out: www.erynvictoriaphotography.co.nz

E xx

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. yo – I just saw this…wow you used my words…man I seem like I really like you eh!?

    Super proud of you my dear!!

    Muchos aroha and see you soon you old hag xxx

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