Things that are awesome: June

I have been an incredibly slack blogger. So, in the interests of getting back into a good habit, here’s some stuff I’m loving at the moment.

The Big Bang Theory.
It’s just SO, so good. The current series has just finished (thank you Sidereel for the ability to watch ahead, without an actual tv), so in between re-watching the previous series on DVD and you know, working and having a life, I’m pretty sure I can make it to September when it restarts. Such is my level of TBBT geekiness, we own the same shower curtain as Sheldon & Leonard… If only the new house didn’t have an actual shower door.

Perfume & pretty new trinkets.
Kent bought me some gorgeous perfume for my birthday and I can’t work out if I’m more in love with the fragrance itself or the bottle… it’s just so beautiful!

Technically I was shopping for a birthday gift for a friend, but accidentally ended up buying some pretty shiny things for me. Oops.

Adele’s album, 21.
I’ve had it for months and I still can’t stop playing it. She’s A-MAZ-ING.

Being a homeowner.
No really, if you’d told me a few years back that I would love the idea of owing the bank the equivalent of the GDP of a small nation and that if anything breaks it’s on us to sort it, I wouldn’t have believed it. Pfft. I even look forward to the mortgage payments going out of our bank account! I probably need to get out more.

E xx

Here comes the bride…

I know I don’t know either of them. I don’t even think I know anyone who does. Not that I’ll let either of those facts stop me becoming feverishly excited about the Royal Wedding.

I’ve read a few theories about this phenomenon – most seem to think it’s something to do with Kate being ‘normal’ (well, as normal as you can be when your parents are millionaires) but becoming a Princess. Yup, that’s definitely it. Surely even the most unromantic girl can admit to harbouring a fantasy of being impossibly loaded, fashionably attired, waited on hand and foot and adored by her Prince? AND LIVING IN A CASTLE?!!! It can’t just be me, can it?

I’m no royalist or gossip magazine addict, but I am desperately hoping William and Kate last. They seem quite keen on each other… the way they look at each other seems pretty real, doesn’t it? And my oh my, Kate is going to make one gorgeous bride. I will SO be up in the middle of the night living vicariously through her, much to Kent’s eye-rolling amusement.

Royalty aside, it’s just lovely to see people ending up happy. With each other. Kinda the best thing about being a wedding photographer.

E xx

Things that are awesome

Just a random selection of things that I’m loving at the moment.

Birthday week – This Thursday (same day as the Queen’s actual birthday, still no invite to share cake, despite all we have in common) marks the end of my 20s, yet still I’m excited – what’s that all about? Pretty sure I was supposed to be dreading being 30, but I’m looking forward to it the same way I do Christmas… thankfully I’ve long since reconciled myself with never again being asked for ID, so let the cards and expensive gifts start rolling in.

To My Wife – it’s a tumblr blog written by a single guy with a load of thoughts about his future (as-yet-unmet) wife and their relationship, some are funny, some are touching, and the whole concept is a bit swoon-inducing. It’s so, so good. If you need further convincing, there’s only a sentence or two a day, so it doesn’t take very long and will make you smile.

Feijoas – Yum.

Gossip Girl – yes, I’m about twice the age of most of the show’s fans, but I just can’t resist a show full of gorgeous, rich people, locations and things… and I’m a sucker for teens who speak like grown-ups. But only on the telly (well, On Demand, really).

E xx


It feels wrong to be starting a blog today of all days. Beginning something when so much has ended in the last week.

At 12.51pm I found myself in a church I have often driven past and thought was almost as pretty as the Christchurch Cathedral. Or almost as pretty as the Cathedral was – today it is a symbol of the destruction that has hit Christchurch and broken the people of Canterbury and the hearts of so many of the rest of us. It was incredibly moving to see so many fall silent to pay respects and show support for those in Christchurch… not for the first time in the last few days I found myself welling up during the national anthem.

Like so many far away from the rubble, it has felt wrong to go about my ordinary life every day for the last week, the only unusual thing being a daily call south to check in on my family, making sure we are still some of the lucky ones who remain largely untouched by the earthquake.

But while it feels so uncomfortable, it also feels important to go on going on – because it’s only by luck and location that it’s not me without a house or my life. Ultimately, it’s the best reminder that everything can change in an instant and the life you’re living should be one you’re making the most of. I’m disappointed that it’s taken such a devastating event to wake me up and remind me of the importance of, well, everything, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who had forgotten.  Nor will I be the only one thinking about how to make the most of this opportunity; because amid the heartbreak and horror, that’s what those of us unaffected have: an opportunity.

While my opportunity centres around (amongst other things) this new venture and how hard I will work for it to grow, today isn’t about that as much as it is about remembering those who have lost and been lost and a reminder to value what we still have.

E x